SHIPPING (and Delivery) POLICY:
Our cookies are baked to order and shipped right from our oven the same day via UPS! =) Please keep in mind that UPS does not count weekends or the day the item shipped in transit times. Packages will be left according to driver discretion. Once your cookies leave our bakery they are in UPS’ hands and out of our control. Delayed cookies? It hardly ever happens but we hate to hear it. ☹  Don’t fret: your cookies are sealed for freshness in cello bags and will still be delicious upon arrival. Even after a week+ in the mail. We Girl-Scout swear it.

SUMMER WEATHER SHIPPING (JUNE 1-SEPT 30): We highly encourage choosing expedited shipping (overnight, 2, or 3-day) if the recipient lives west of IL. We do not issue refunds for melted cookies as melted chocolate is aesthetic-only and nothing popping them in the refrigerator can't fix. 

Non-exhaustive list of things we will NOT refund for:

  • "My box was hard to open." - We purposely use industrial-strength double-sided tape to make the flap difficult to lift to prevent tampering and theft. We prefer you to receive all the cookies you ordered. 
  • "My cookies were melted/warm upon arrival. " Once our cookies leave our bakery, they're out of our control. Unfortunately some melting is an unavoidable reality of shipping cookies in the summer (especially during unprecedented heatwaves) and should be expected. They are still perfectly delicious and safe to eat, just as if you'd heated them in the oven or microwave. We use chunks of high-quality chocolate in your cookies, not wax-coated chips, which makes them more prone to melting. UPS trucks do not have air conditioning (and we are just as shocked their drivers have to endure 100+ degree heat, too!) We LOVE warm gooey cookies delivered right to our door, but if that's not your thing, just pop them in the refrig or freezer upon arrival.  
    • Why don't we ship with ice packs? In addition to the extra cost we would have to pass on to you, ice packs melt within a few hours; cookies are in transit for day(s). 
  • "Some cookies were broken." While we regret anytime someone receives (a) broken cookie(s), believe it or not, we put perfectly whole cookies in your box and package them well. Please contact UPS to file a claim for damaged goods.

Shipping + Delivery Disclaimer: Rebel Daughter Cookies bears no responsibility for, including but not limited to: lost or stolen packages, incorrect or incomplete addresses provided to us, returned or misrouted packages, cookies damaged in transit, eaten off your doorstep by squirrels, a neighbor’s dog, or stolen by package pirates. By agreeing to delivery you agree the cookies will be left on your porch if no one answers the door. If no one can be home at the time of delivery, consider leaving a bug/animal-proof cooler outside for your delivery and let us know in the special delivery instructions at checkout. Delivery hours are typically anytime between 12pm-4:30pm. You will receive a fulfillment email when your cookies are out for delivery or have been shipped.

Need to cancel an order? Please email us at to cancel before 8pm ET the night before the next Tues/Fri baking date. We are unable to cancel and refund an order past this cut-off.

Please refer to each subscription box type for its unique cancellation policy.


We stand by the high quality of our products and customer service. Refunds will not be given, unless we made an error, in which case of course we’ll work to make it right. We want everyone to be happy but please be reminded we are a small business, not Amazon, (and you are speaking to a real person not a bot) so please be understanding that some circumstances are truly beyond our control (see above disclaimers). Please don't take it out on us...Kindness is cool. ✌️