Celebrate Cookie Monster's Birthday with Delicious Cookies from CT!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

There is no better way to celebrate Cookie Monster's Birthday than with a delicious batch of cookies from Rebel Daughter Cookies. Rich, craveable and ultra decadent, Rebel Daughter Cookies are gourmet sweets created to indulge your inner rebel. Thick, doughy spheres stuffed with premium ingredients, Rebel Daughter's imaginative flavors will have you saying, “ME WANT COOKIE!” A few of the crowd-favorites include:

  • WHITE UNICORN - a fruity cereal sugar cookie with a colorful white chocolate surprise center, rounded out by the tangy crunch of Nerds.

  • THE BLACKOUT - an off-the-charts brownie-cookie bomb; satisfyingly bitter-sweet, with chewy, taffy-like edges, a fudgy middle and signature hint of salt

  • S’MORE PLEASE™- an individually hand-toasted (obviously) marshmallow nestled in a generous, melty cocoon of chocolate chunk cookie, finished in a crisp graham cracker crust.

  • CHURRO™- a massive chocolate chunk cookie smothered in cinnamon sugar.


Gobbling down cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cookie Monster spreads the word that cookies are a delectable treat we all deserve to enjoy. With a mission to empower all to indulge without guilt and enjoy every damn bite Rebel Daughter Cookies’ founder/baker (and mom of 2), Anne F. Grossman, has much in common with the lovable blue puppet. If you’re going to treat yourself, shouldn’t each cookie taste like the best one of your life? Be a rebel, embrace your inner Cookie Monster, and eat a Rebel Daughter cookie.


Support this Connecticut parent-owned business at https://www.rebeldaughtercookies.com/