Think Outside The Box. 

We believe in great taste—period. We rebel against the flavorless cookies found all over social media by hand-crafting our HUGE, 
unforgettable cookies with gourmet, luxurious ingredients. We meticulously design each cookie to be the best version of itself, tirelessly testing and reworking each new recipe until we create a cookie with an attitude all its own, unique in size, thickness and texture for an experience some have likened to "trying a cookie for the first time." Why? We believe each one should taste like the best damn cookie of your life…not the latest trend that “dropped” yesterday.
We start by procuring the best ingredients we can find from all over the globe including gourmet vanilla beans, vanilla paste, hand-broken chocolate (no grocery aisle “chocolate” here!), and small-batch smoked chocolate sea salt to name a few. Did you know some of the most famous cookies out there don’t even USE pure vanilla? Or even real butter? Just trust us—we’ve consumed nearly every mail-order cookie out there as research so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.
We hope our obsession to make the best cookie ever comes through not only in taste but also in the beautiful packaging: We carefully hand-wrap and package your cookies down to the smallest detail for a presentation that’s as delicious as the cookies themselves. Do yourself a favor: