Founder + Owner. Wife + Mom Of 2 Little Rebels

"I get asked all the time, where did the name ‘Rebel Daughter’ come from?

‘Rebel Daughter’ is the nickname my mom gave me growing up because I was always pushing the boundaries, the limits and expectations set out for me, of what I was told I could and could not do. And so it seemed a fitting name for a company born despite starting out as a full-time mom with two young kids under 3 and no business or institutional culinary experience: no matter what anyone said, I was going to do it anyway. And I could give you all the reasons I would be successful.

My whole adolescent and adult life I’ve rejected being labeled. I believed I could be both strong and feminine. Classy and eclectic. That kindness is cool and thinking differently is a thing to be celebrated. It’s rewarding to create a brand people love and identify with based on these values: that cookies belong in boxes, not people.”

As a kid, my mom believed in healthy snacks (which I appreciate today but rebelled against then) and I cherished every forbidden treat I got my hands on, from cotton candy on a camp trip to fluffernutter sandwiches at a neighbor's. As I grew up, my taste in desserts grew too, and at this point I'm a dessert connoisseur. ;-)

Each cookie I create is based off these vivid childhood memories, adult favorites, and flavor profiles. I labor over getting the balance right in every recipe for a gourmet taste that adults will appreciate as well as kids. I obsess over every ingredient because I eat these cookies, too: I only create cookies that I LOVE and that make my inner child happy.

Our brand is centered around women empowerment and giving yourself permission to indulge and savor every bite. The only thing forbidden here is guiltI want each cookie to be rich, memorable and freakin' amazing, like life itself; otherwise--and I mean really--what's the point? Now, get out there and live it up. 

XO, Anne