Chip by Chip, Rebel Daughter Cookies Builds a Big, Gooey, Gourmet Cookie Business

A local business founded by a Wilton woman recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

Rebel Daughter Cookies founder Anne Grossman of Wilton with her two children

Anne Grossman, who has lived in Wilton for about five years, is the founder and owner of the business, Rebel Daughter Cookies.

Frustrated she couldn’t find the “big, gooey” gourmet cookies like the ones she recalls at her favorite bakeries in Chicago and New York, and disappointed at how the ingredients in those beloved cookies had changed over time, she decided to make her own, starting with the classic chocolate chip cookie. The result was a set of recipes for cookies that were big in size, with textures, and “salty-sweet, grown-up versions” of cookies kids love.

So who is the “Rebel Daughter”? “That’s me,” said Grossman. She says her mother gave her the moniker because “I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” in contrast to a less rebellious sibling.

She thought it was a fitting name for the business partly because of the skepticism she faced from people who thought it might not be a good idea to start a cookie business. “I wanted to do it anyway,” she said.

Grossman believes there’s an opportunity in the marketplace for a rich, indulgent cookie that really satisfies a craving. “I see so many ‘diet’ cookies out there. But I think, if you’re going to indulge, it should be worth it.”

Grossman is not the only rebel daughter in the business. “I’m so fortunate to have been able to expand my team this year,” she said. “And we’re all women, all rebel daughters!” The business employs a driver, a bakery assistant and a social media/cause marketing person.

Today, the company offer six varieties, with rotating specials (like the “Rebel Without a Claus” and “Berry and Bright” varieties available now) as well as frozen dough. The company also offers three cookies made especially for breastfeeding mothers, made with oat, flax and brewer’s yeast.

Grossman reported a portion of first-year sales was donated to causes that support women and children. While pleased with what the company was able to donate as a fledgling business, Grossman is looking forward to donating more in 2021 as sales have been steadily climbing higher month over month. She has identified two charity partners for 2021: Filling in the Blanks, a Norwalk-based organization that provides weekend and summer meals to children in the Fairfield County area who are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program at school; and the National Birth Equity Collaborative, an NGO that works to address inequities in Black maternal and infant health.

All orders are placed online. Information on holiday pre-orders may also be found on the website.  Local delivery is available, as well as shipping.