What do you do when you discover that the most creative, delicious cookies are located nearby, and they deliver?  You order them of course!  As a self-proclaimed, treat forager, I am always on the lookout for creative, inventive sweets.  Little did I know, the most delicious cookies I have ever had were being made by a local mom just a town away from where I live in Westport.  

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The first time I heard of Rebel Daughter was on a Facebook post where someone asked for a local cookie recommendation.  I learned that this  “e-bakery” delivers super premium, incredibly creative cookies, and I knew I needed to taste them ASAP!  I went to Rebel Daughter’s website and was immediately excited when I saw the beautiful pictures and learned they were fresh-baked using super premium ingredients, and came in most mouth-watering varieties.  One  example   the “S’more Please” is described as “hand-toasted marshmallow nestled in a melty cocoon of chocolate chunk cookie finished with a crispy graham cracker crust.  The “White Unicorn” is a fruity cereal sugar cookie with a colorful, white chocolate, surprise center with Nerds.  “The Churro,” is a chocolate chunk cookie smothered in cinnamon.   Rebel Daughter has a few other flavors to try but you will have to go visit her website to see for yourself!  She also makes special oat-based “lactation cookies” that are described as “the best oatmeal cookie you have ever tasted” and count men as fans as well as moms. 


After tasting these outrageous baked goods, I needed to meet “the” Rebel Daughter.  Last week I had the privilege of sitting down with owner Anne Grossman, and learning just how Rebel Daughter came to be.  Anne always has felt like an outsider, never one to join cliques or be put into a box.  She had a fire in her belly to create something on her own, while inspiring others to do the same.  Additionally, she had always loved desserts and thought creative cookies would be the best expression of her passion.  

I think Anne put it best when asked the mission of Rebel Daughter, “To inspire women to come into their own power, to pursue their passion, and to not let anyone tell them “no”, or what they can or cannot do.” 

Rebel Daughter is not even a year old and Anne is selling out of every cookie she bakes.  They are absolutely delicious while also mini-works of art.  The cookies are popular for corporate gifts, holidays, birthday and parties.  

Additionally, Rebel Daughter donates a portion of all profits to organizations benefiting women + children “because they deserve it,” says Grossman.

Rebel Daughter cookies are available via retail, wholesale and Anne ships nationwide. Check out the Rebel Daughter Instagram page (@rebeldaughtercookies) and I challenge you to not try these treats!