A Rebel With A Cause.

Rebel Daughter Cookies donates a bite out of all profits to charitable organizations doing good in the world. This rebellion has just gotten started—and we are bringing as many with us as we can. 

We're doing something different in 2023! This year we will be announcing charitable organizations we are donating to on a per month/cookie/event basis. This way we can not only address issues/events in the zeitgeist of the month (ie Ukraine aid, Breast Cancer Month) but give to charitable orgs close to our hearts, some of which will be selected by our employees who have close, personal ties to each chosen org. We feel this approach also gives our customers a vested interest in certain products they purchase, in knowing a portion of their purchase will be donated toward a cause they identify with. The donations from specific cookies or months will be announced on Instagram and over email, if you're subscribed!

Our charitable partners for 2022 were:

Norwalk Acts, CT-
Norwalk Acts' mission is to collectively transform systems by ensuring resources, policies, practices, and power structures actively dismantle racism and drive equitable outcomes for every Norwalk child and young person. Their vision: Norwalk is a connected and equitable community where every child and young person thrives academically, physically, and social-emotionally from cradle to career. 


Every Mother Counts - 303,000 women die around the world as a result of complications of pregnancy and childbirth, every year. THAT’S 1 WOMAN EVERY 2 MINUTES. EMC envisions a world where all women have the opportunity to enter motherhood and not only survive, but thrive. EVERY MOTHER COUNTS’ MISSION IS TO MAKE PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH SAFE FOR EVERY MOTHER, EVERYWHERE. 

Our charitable partners for 2021 were:

Filling in the Blanks, CT
—a non-profit organization which provides weekend meals to children who rely on school meals for their food, children who might otherwise go hungry over the weekend. 1 out of every 5 children in CT live in households without consistent access to adequate food, a need which has only grown through the Covid-19 pandemic.

National Birth Equity Collaborative –NBEC creates solutions that optimize Black maternal and infant health through training, policy advocacy, research, and community-centered collaboration. Their mission is to ensure all Black mothers and babies thrive.


In 2020 we donated proceeds + profits, including but not limited to:

The Kind Campaign

Food For The Front Lines

American Civil Liberties Union

After the Storm, CT

Ronald McDonald House, Greater Hudson Valley